Writers Presentation with a Difference

It’s been a busy year so far, and I’ve been fortunate to have been invited to present many workshops or talks to others – adults and children  – to aid in their writing journeys.

The last, a few days ago, was one with a difference. It was part of a Book Fair to raise funds for Singleton PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Club) which benefits the entire community. For those not in my area, or even in my country, Singleton is a pretty town in the Hunter Valley, of NSW Australia, that sits on the banks of the Hunter River.  A country town with rolling vineyards and colonial heritage. Singleton - Things to Do, Camping & Events

The Book Fair itself was huge! And so well organized – a credit to those who put it all together, especially David Andrews.  I tried to estimate and by my count there were way over 10,000 books on sale – and most expensive was $2!  I was in heaven! Especially as I hadn’t  been to a book fair for ages, and the selection was amazing. Honestly I could have brought almost all of them home with me!  Although, my husband didn’t necessarily agree when I returned with loads of (more) books; he already has nightmares that feature him being crushed under towering piles of books! Ha!

And of course like all country towns, the people were lovely and made me feel very welcome. It was also a true community event as evidenced by the all the young soldiers in their army fatigues, and from the local army base, on hand and volunteering to carry boxes and bags of books back to customers’ vehicles.

Did I take advantage of that? Of having those strong handsome young men at my beck and call? Ha! I may be slow with some things but I’m not stupid… Wink, wink…

However, with a book due for release a week later, a manuscript to get in – plus ready myself to slip away the next  day for three days with a bunch of writer friends for a writing retreat –  I had to leave almost as soon as I had finished. But next year I’m definitely returning as a customer!

More on that book in a day or so – but for now – it’s the 6th in the Hart of Texas Murder Mysteries and the title is Dial M for Mud Cake! I’m very excited about this book and it has the cutest cover.

You’ll find all the platforms selling it right here


I’ll be back in a few days with some pics of our writing retreat. Until then, keep well, keep safe, and I hope you find tons of great books to read.


 Kaz! xxx