Chocolate and Old Lace

Where there’s a will, there’s a body…

For one brief hour on a sunny Texas morning, passionate baker Holly Hart had a glimpse of a life she’d always dreamed about – all thanks to the generosity of an elderly lady Holly had cared for during the woman’s last days. But Miss Alice is barely cold in the ground when Holly’s dream rapidly turns into a nightmare – specifically, when one hour later she is accused of Miss Alice’s murder.

And what with being the only stranger in tight-knit rural Airlie Falls, plus the only one with any kind of motive…  it’s looking pretty bad. Especially when more bodies start piling up and mysterious letters start circulating faster than mystery buff Holly can pull her delicious treats and desserts from the oven.

Locals in the little town known for its warmth and spectacular market days are getting uneasy, especially when Holly starts to suspect the old lady’s murder has links to a sixty year old suspicious death on the very property she’s tentatively inherited.

But how can Holly prove the two are related – and that she’s innocent?



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