Rosie Hart’s Brandied Cherries


  • 1kg firm ripe cherries, no blemishes
  • 3 cups brandy
  • 1 cup cranberry juice
  • 2 cups white sugar


  1. Wash cherries & remove stems, do not remove seeds
  2. Carefully place cherries into sterilised jars
  3. Combine, brandy, sugar  & juice
  4. Dissolve sugar over medium heat. DO NOT allow to boil or become too hot. Brandy is flammable and over-heating will destabilise for this function. Brandy is the preserving agent.
  5. Pour warm liquid over cherries, right to top.
  6. Seal jars.
  7. Stand in a well lit position for 1 week. Invert jars a few times a day.
  8. Store in a dark cool place for 6 months before opening.

*Note. Any remaining brandy, juice, sugar syrup is delicious mixed with champers over ice.